Gost-R Certification

That certificate verifies that delivering products have successfully preceded a certification procedure. It means that they are high quality and meet Russian GOST-R standards. Most of the exporting products are a subject of a mandatory certification otherwise will not drive in to the boundary and will not be admitted for trade.

Certification GOST-TR is not only engaged with the quality management of the subject company, but also focused the products of it. With the other words, to gain of these certificates the tests of examples are essential. These tests are made on accredited laboratories by GOSSTANDARD. (Russian Governmental Standards Organization) According to these tests the certificates are given to the willing company.

Why is GOST Certification Necessary?

Usually Certificate is essential for two cases:

  • Customs house
  • Realization of products at Russian market

The Law on Certification of Products and Services specify two types of certification - compulsory and voluntary certification. The Law on defense of Rights of Consumers and the Law on Standardization control mandatory certification procedure and recognize products that are subject to this kind of certification.

According to the order of the State Customs Committee of Russia from 01.10.2000, production of overseas manufacturers imported in the country should respond the national quality standards, so is the subject to certification.

Certification GOST may be carried out concerning the goods or industrial behavior of the firm. The goods, passed procedure of certification and received certificate of conformity GOST by results of expertise, do not meet any difficulties at registration of customs documents.

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