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Personal Financial Planning Certification

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ISO 22222:2005 has been drawn up with the objective of achieving and encouraging consumer confidence by providing a globally agreed benchmark for a high global standard of personal finance service.

The standard defines six steps of the personal financial planning procedure:

  • Establishing and defining the customer and personal financial planner relationship.
  • Gathering customer data and determining goals and opportunity.
  • Analyzing and evaluating the customer’s financial status.
  • Developing and presenting the financial plan.
  • Implementing the financial planning recommendations.
  • Monitoring the financial plan and the financial planning relationship.

Benefits of ISO 22222:2005

  • Motivates greater consumer confidence as standards for competent and ethical services are clearly spelt out.
  • Provides a standardized, common and well-defined financial planning procedure within and across countries.
  • Allow the increase of financial planning services to overseas markets with the use of regular standards.
  • Supports to make sure constant delivery of service and addresses possible confusion and misunderstanding in the planner and customer relationship.

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